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Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.
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Lydia Shedid - Sawtoka nadani

Lydia Shedid - Sawtoka nadani - statistics

Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Qadeesh sar lie natrahQadeesh sar lie natrah - Lydia Shedid04:21
2Saoutak nadaniSaoutak nadani - Lydia Shedid04:03
3Fe mithwathFe mithwath - Lydia Shedid05:20
4Rabi maaiRabi maai - Lydia Shedid03:49
5Min bahaa el majid jaaMin bahaa el majid jaa - Lydia Shedid05:06
6Fe mashhadFe mashhad - Lydia Shedid04:50
7Aalimni ya rabAalimni ya rab - Lydia Shedid03:45
8Majdan laka abatiMajdan laka abati - Lydia Shedid05:49
9Qam rabi qam montasiranQam rabi qam montasiran - Lydia Shedid04:30
10Lama akhafLama akhaf - Lydia Shedid03:39
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 Lydia Shedid - Sawtoka nadani