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Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
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Kolyat Bayt Lahem Team - Bayt lahim

Kolyat Bayt Lahem - Bayt lahim - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Taal ya aamanoeelTaal ya aamanoeel - Kolyat Bayt Lahem03:12
2Maa malak allah jondMaa malak allah jond - Kolyat Bayt Lahem02:37
3Ala elriba fe bayiet lahimAla elriba fe bayiet lahim - Kolyat Bayt Lahem02:29
4Haloma bina maashar el moamineenHaloma bina maashar el moamineen - Kolyat Bayt Lahem03:12
5Fe eldouja wal sokounFe eldouja wal sokoun - Kolyat Bayt Lahem04:19
6Hatha howa elyaowm el saaedHatha howa elyaowm el saaed - Kolyat Bayt Lahem02:51
7El majid laka ayoha el maseehEl majid laka ayoha el maseeh - Kolyat Bayt Lahem04:31
8Atait ya tifl el samaaAtait ya tifl el samaa - Kolyat Bayt Lahem03:34
9Hal konti taalameenHal konti taalameen - Kolyat Bayt Lahem02:40
10Ya aatish el arwahYa aatish el arwah - Kolyat Bayt Lahem04:50
11Mobarak yasoua el aatiMobarak yasoua el aati - Kolyat Bayt Lahem03:39
12Bayit lahimBayit lahim - Kolyat Bayt Lahem04:00
13Laylit aied laylit aiedLaylit aied laylit aied - Kolyat Bayt Lahem02:03
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Team Kolyat Bayt Lahem - Bayt lahim