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Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
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Carl - Ghayma

Carl - Ghayma - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1El rab aalinEl rab aalin - Carl01:59
2Ya rab ma aatham esmakYa rab ma aatham esmak - Carl03:59
3Elahi athhir majdakElahi athhir majdak - Carl04:44
4El rab yamshiEl rab yamshi - Carl02:22
5El rab salihEl rab salih - Carl05:23
6Mobarak esim el rabMobarak esim el rab - Carl04:01
7Ohibak rabi yasouaOhibak rabi yasoua - Carl04:27
8Inta shafiInta shafi - Carl01:08
9Haya ethhabouHaya ethhabou - Carl03:20
10Rab el majd qowatiRab el majd qowati - Carl02:57
11Nahno jioush el rabNahno jioush el rab - Carl03:36
12Yalli fadit hayatnaYalli fadit hayatna - Carl03:03
13Halliloya llrab yasouaHalliloya llrab yasoua - Carl03:24
14Yasoua hobak yasouaYasoua hobak yasoua - Carl03:34
15Emlaani bihobakEmlaani bihobak - Carl03:22
16Ya yasoua el nourYa yasoua el nour - Carl03:24
17GhaimahGhaimah - Carl02:37
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