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All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.
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Sarkis Diarbi - Ajmal ayami

Sarkis Diarbi - Ajmal ayami - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Ajmal ayamiAjmal ayami - Sarkis Diarbi04:37
2Ajmalma fe el kawnAjmalma fe el kawn - Sarkis Diarbi03:56
3Wahdak yasouaiWahdak yasouai - Sarkis Diarbi08:44
4Qowah bishabakQowah bishabak - Sarkis Diarbi04:16
5AamdouniAamdouni - Sarkis Diarbi04:05
6Rabi msalim elak amriRabi msalim elak amri - Sarkis Diarbi04:03
7Rah yikhlas el waqtRah yikhlas el waqt - Sarkis Diarbi04:24
8Aati elaika ya yasouaAati elaika ya yasoua - Sarkis Diarbi04:02
9Yasoua el rabYasoua el rab - Sarkis Diarbi05:36
10Rabi amamk akhathit qarariRabi amamk akhathit qarari - Sarkis Diarbi02:46
11Ya habibi ya yasouaYa habibi ya yasoua - Sarkis Diarbi04:26
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 Sarkis Diarbi - Ajmal ayami