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For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!
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Safaa Sobhi - Klamak helou

Safaa Sobhi - Klamak helou - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Majido rabana sabihouhMajido rabana sabihouh - Safaa Sobhi03:06Download Majido rabana sabihouh
2Farha wfarhaFarha wfarha - Safaa Sobhi02:28Download Farha wfarha
3Haia efrahou kol heenHaia efrahou kol heen - Safaa Sobhi03:48Download Haia efrahou kol heen
4Afrah el donyaAfrah el donya - Safaa Sobhi02:39Download Afrah el donya
5Rabi habibi klamak helouRabi habibi klamak helou - Safaa Sobhi03:06Download Rabi habibi klamak helou
6Lama kont sgheerLama kont sgheer - Safaa Sobhi02:35Download Lama kont sgheer
7Rabi idani kitab thameenRabi idani kitab thameen - Safaa Sobhi03:59Download Rabi idani kitab thameen
8Touba yaani ehTouba yaani eh - Safaa Sobhi02:15Download Touba yaani eh
9Haqoul el haqHaqoul el haq - Safaa Sobhi03:03Download Haqoul el haq
10Aalomak warshidakAalomak warshidak - Safaa Sobhi02:13Download Aalomak warshidak
11Hakatha ahab allah el alamHakatha ahab allah el alam - Safaa Sobhi03:37Download Hakatha ahab allah el alam
12Rabi bahibouRabi bahibou - Safaa Sobhi02:21Download Rabi bahibou
13Waima kol ellathin qabilohWaima kol ellathin qabiloh - Safaa Sobhi01:16Download Waima kol ellathin qabiloh
14Ana mabsout wi flousi kteerAna mabsout wi flousi kteer - Safaa Sobhi03:20Download Ana mabsout wi flousi kteer
15Aswad kol khatyiAswad kol khatyi - Safaa Sobhi02:07Download Aswad kol khatyi
16Yasoua howa amsYasoua howa ams - Safaa Sobhi01:49Download Yasoua howa ams
17Qabil el naoumQabil el naoum - Safaa Sobhi04:23Download Qabil el naoum
18Yalli araft el waqitYalli araft el waqit - Safaa Sobhi03:22Download Yalli araft el waqit
19Ana hashar wa estanakAna hashar wa estanak - Safaa Sobhi02:39Download Ana hashar wa estanak
20Elsama wel ard tazoulElsama wel ard tazoul - Safaa Sobhi04:28Download Elsama wel ard tazoul
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 Safaa Sobhi - Klamak helou