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And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.
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Safaa Sobhi - Klamak helou

Safaa Sobhi - Klamak helou - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Majido rabana sabihouhMajido rabana sabihouh - Safaa Sobhi03:06Download Majido rabana sabihouh
2Farha wfarhaFarha wfarha - Safaa Sobhi02:28Download Farha wfarha
3Haia efrahou kol heenHaia efrahou kol heen - Safaa Sobhi03:48Download Haia efrahou kol heen
4Afrah el donyaAfrah el donya - Safaa Sobhi02:39Download Afrah el donya
5Rabi habibi klamak helouRabi habibi klamak helou - Safaa Sobhi03:06Download Rabi habibi klamak helou
6Lama kont sgheerLama kont sgheer - Safaa Sobhi02:35Download Lama kont sgheer
7Rabi idani kitab thameenRabi idani kitab thameen - Safaa Sobhi03:59Download Rabi idani kitab thameen
8Touba yaani ehTouba yaani eh - Safaa Sobhi02:15Download Touba yaani eh
9Haqoul el haqHaqoul el haq - Safaa Sobhi03:03Download Haqoul el haq
10Aalomak warshidakAalomak warshidak - Safaa Sobhi02:13Download Aalomak warshidak
11Hakatha ahab allah el alamHakatha ahab allah el alam - Safaa Sobhi03:37Download Hakatha ahab allah el alam
12Rabi bahibouRabi bahibou - Safaa Sobhi02:21Download Rabi bahibou
13Waima kol ellathin qabilohWaima kol ellathin qabiloh - Safaa Sobhi01:16Download Waima kol ellathin qabiloh
14Ana mabsout wi flousi kteerAna mabsout wi flousi kteer - Safaa Sobhi03:20Download Ana mabsout wi flousi kteer
15Aswad kol khatyiAswad kol khatyi - Safaa Sobhi02:07Download Aswad kol khatyi
16Yasoua howa amsYasoua howa ams - Safaa Sobhi01:49Download Yasoua howa ams
17Qabil el naoumQabil el naoum - Safaa Sobhi04:23Download Qabil el naoum
18Yalli araft el waqitYalli araft el waqit - Safaa Sobhi03:22Download Yalli araft el waqit
19Ana hashar wa estanakAna hashar wa estanak - Safaa Sobhi02:39Download Ana hashar wa estanak
20Elsama wel ard tazoulElsama wel ard tazoul - Safaa Sobhi04:28Download Elsama wel ard tazoul
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 Safaa Sobhi - Klamak helou