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The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
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Hany Anis - Mokhtarat

Hany Anis - Mokhtarat - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Tasbeehak yemla el kawnTasbeehak yemla el kawn - Hany Anis03:59
2Wast ham fe el hayahWast ham fe el hayah - Hany Anis03:27
3Zay dalZay dal - Hany Anis03:25
4Amnnina maak tithaqAmnnina maak tithaq - Hany Anis02:10
5Law hata el kol hayrhalLaw hata el kol hayrhal - Hany Anis06:29
6Tasbeeh yielalak wyzeedTasbeeh yielalak wyzeed - Hany Anis03:36
7Law tintafi el ahlamLaw tintafi el ahlam - Hany Anis04:46
8Lan aaiesh sayidiLan aaiesh sayidi - Hany Anis03:56
9Waqt el mihanWaqt el mihan - Hany Anis04:28
10Esmak faouq el kolEsmak faouq el kol - Hany Anis02:52
11Hahrib min daafiHahrib min daafi - Hany Anis03:06
12Roghm el qioudRoghm el qioud - Hany Anis04:29
13Binjelak wihna binsalimBinjelak wihna binsalim - Hany Anis01:46
14Fe mahdarakFe mahdarak - Hany Anis03:36
15Askon fe hodnakAskon fe hodnak - Hany Anis04:01
16Haiesh ohibakHaiesh ohibak - Hany Anis04:31
17Mish batmanaMish batmana - Hany Anis05:02
18Mohtajlak tidareeniMohtajlak tidareeni - Hany Anis04:01
19Tasbeeh yaghmor aradinaTasbeeh yaghmor aradina - Hany Anis02:52
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 Hany Anis - Mokhtarat