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But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.
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Hany Anis - Mokhtarat

Hany Anis - Mokhtarat - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Tasbeehak yemla el kawnTasbeehak yemla el kawn - Hany Anis03:59
2Wast ham fe el hayahWast ham fe el hayah - Hany Anis03:27
3Zay dalZay dal - Hany Anis03:25
4Amnnina maak tithaqAmnnina maak tithaq - Hany Anis02:10
5Law hata el kol hayrhalLaw hata el kol hayrhal - Hany Anis06:29
6Tasbeeh yielalak wyzeedTasbeeh yielalak wyzeed - Hany Anis03:36
7Law tintafi el ahlamLaw tintafi el ahlam - Hany Anis04:46
8Lan aaiesh sayidiLan aaiesh sayidi - Hany Anis03:56
9Waqt el mihanWaqt el mihan - Hany Anis04:28
10Esmak faouq el kolEsmak faouq el kol - Hany Anis02:52
11Hahrib min daafiHahrib min daafi - Hany Anis03:06
12Roghm el qioudRoghm el qioud - Hany Anis04:29
13Binjelak wihna binsalimBinjelak wihna binsalim - Hany Anis01:46
14Fe mahdarakFe mahdarak - Hany Anis03:36
15Askon fe hodnakAskon fe hodnak - Hany Anis04:01
16Haiesh ohibakHaiesh ohibak - Hany Anis04:31
17Mish batmanaMish batmana - Hany Anis05:02
18Mohtajlak tidareeniMohtajlak tidareeni - Hany Anis04:01
19Tasbeeh yaghmor aradinaTasbeeh yaghmor aradina - Hany Anis02:52
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 Hany Anis - Mokhtarat