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I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.
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Naseef Sobhi - Mokhtarat

Naseef Sobhi - Mokhtarat - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Hal liyasoua mn mathlHal liyasoua mn mathl - Naseef Sobhi01:52Download Hal liyasoua mn mathl
2Kont madyon el aaliKont madyon el aali - Naseef Sobhi01:51Download Kont madyon el aali
3Aini tara thak el thabeehAini tara thak el thabeeh - Naseef Sobhi02:07Download Aini tara thak el thabeeh
4La ansa yaouman enda el saleebLa ansa yaouman enda el saleeb - Naseef Sobhi01:35Download La ansa yaouman enda el saleeb
5Matha aroud llrabMatha aroud llrab - Naseef Sobhi02:32Download Matha aroud llrab
6Rabi fe sitr damakRabi fe sitr damak - Naseef Sobhi02:13Download Rabi fe sitr damak
7Fe el maseeh youathim entisariFe el maseeh youathim entisari - Naseef Sobhi01:46Download Fe el maseeh youathim entisari
8Bahir mahabat el fadiBahir mahabat el fadi - Naseef Sobhi02:29Download Bahir mahabat el fadi
9Ennani rabi arifEnnani rabi arif - Naseef Sobhi02:17Download Ennani rabi arif
10Biqorbak ya habibi yasouaBiqorbak ya habibi yasoua - Naseef Sobhi02:24Download Biqorbak ya habibi yasoua
11Ennani asbaEnnani asba - Naseef Sobhi02:37Download Ennani asba
12Yasoua malik el molokYasoua malik el molok - Naseef Sobhi01:29Download Yasoua malik el molok
13Bir salam maa srourBir salam maa srour - Naseef Sobhi02:06Download Bir salam maa srour
14Rabi yasoua leRabi yasoua le - Naseef Sobhi01:50Download Rabi yasoua le
15Allah elathi lanaAllah elathi lana - Naseef Sobhi02:45Download Allah elathi lana
16MostaslimMostaslim - Naseef Sobhi02:35Download Mostaslim
17Kalalt el sanah bijoudakKalalt el sanah bijoudak - Naseef Sobhi02:42Download Kalalt el sanah bijoudak
18Elkol yamdi wyazoulElkol yamdi wyazoul - Naseef Sobhi02:48Download Elkol yamdi wyazoul
19Lilomq ea ilahiLilomq ea ilahi - Naseef Sobhi01:46Download Lilomq ea ilahi
20Qad mada sayidi llsamaQad mada sayidi llsama - Naseef Sobhi02:21Download Qad mada sayidi llsama
21Saarah wajh yasouaiSaarah wajh yasouai - Naseef Sobhi02:44Download Saarah wajh yasouai
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