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But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.
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Safaa Sobhi - Taalou ilay taalmou mni

Safaa Sobhi - Taalou ilay taalmou mni - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Sawt raqeeq hiloSawt raqeeq hilo - Safaa Sobhi02:40Download Sawt raqeeq hilo
2Rabbi yasoua habibiRabbi yasoua habibi - Safaa Sobhi02:26Download Rabbi yasoua habibi
3Kol ma afakir ezayKol ma afakir ezay - Safaa Sobhi04:15Download Kol ma afakir ezay
4Fe yawm min el ayamFe yawm min el ayam - Safaa Sobhi02:44Download Fe yawm min el ayam
5Taalou ya atfalTaalou ya atfal - Safaa Sobhi01:20Download Taalou ya atfal
6Haqiqi deh kanat lahthahHaqiqi deh kanat lahthah - Safaa Sobhi01:48Download Haqiqi deh kanat lahthah
7Rabi khlaqniRabi khlaqni - Safaa Sobhi02:31Download Rabi khlaqni
8Rabi yasoua biehibnaRabi yasoua biehibna - Safaa Sobhi02:49Download Rabi yasoua biehibna
9Sakit leh ranim wayanaSakit leh ranim wayana - Safaa Sobhi02:17Download Sakit leh ranim wayana
10Ya bakhit elli eirif yasouaYa bakhit elli eirif yasoua - Safaa Sobhi03:41Download Ya bakhit elli eirif yasoua
11Rabi byialimni aqrahRabi byialimni aqrah - Safaa Sobhi03:14Download Rabi byialimni aqrah
12Aalimni ya rab ohibakAalimni ya rab ohibak - Safaa Sobhi02:27Download Aalimni ya rab ohibak
13Aalimni ezaiy aaieshAalimni ezaiy aaiesh - Safaa Sobhi01:45Download Aalimni ezaiy aaiesh
14Kan fe marah wahadKan fe marah wahad - Safaa Sobhi03:50Download Kan fe marah wahad
15Law rafat qalbiLaw rafat qalbi - Safaa Sobhi01:36Download Law rafat qalbi
16Nifsi akoun souraNifsi akoun soura - Safaa Sobhi03:21Download Nifsi akoun soura
17Fatih aynaik qwayisFatih aynaik qwayis - Safaa Sobhi02:37Download Fatih aynaik qwayis
18Lakin jahizeen li yasouaLakin jahizeen li yasoua - Safaa Sobhi02:58Download Lakin jahizeen li yasoua
19Ma ajmal tirneemahMa ajmal tirneemah - Safaa Sobhi00:49Download Ma ajmal tirneemah
20Yasoua qarab yjeenaYasoua qarab yjeena - Safaa Sobhi03:07Download Yasoua qarab yjeena
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 Safaa Sobhi - Taalou ilay taalmou mni