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I will extol the LORD at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.
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Fairuz - Christmas trateel

Fairuz - Christmas trateel - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Saowt el aeidSaowt el aeid - Fairuz02:39Download Saowt el aeid
2Laylit aiedLaylit aied - Fairuz02:50Download Laylit aied
3Thalj thaljThalj thalj - Fairuz02:20Download Thalj thalj
4Nijmat aiedNijmat aied - Fairuz02:56Download Nijmat aied
5Sobhan el kalimahSobhan el kalimah - Fairuz04:00Download Sobhan el kalimah
6Arsal allahArsal allah - Fairuz05:03Download Arsal allah
7Thalg thalg (new)Thalg thalg (new) - Fairuz02:21Download Thalg thalg (new)
8Sho behwelha wqouloSho behwelha wqoulo - Fairuz03:23Download Sho behwelha wqoulo
9Kona nzayin shajarah saqirahKona nzayin shajarah saqirah - Fairuz02:07Download Kona nzayin shajarah saqirah
10Aied el donyahAied el donyah - Fairuz02:59Download Aied el donyah
11Molok el majousMolok el majous - Fairuz01:48Download Molok el majous
12Rouh zorhom bibyothonRouh zorhom bibyothon - Fairuz02:43Download Rouh zorhom bibyothon
13Aied ellailAied ellail - Fairuz02:59Download Aied ellail
14we wish you mary christmaswe wish you mary christmas - Fairuz01:06Download we wish you mary christmas
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 Fairuz - Christmas trateel