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Chosen Verse:
For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.
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Fares Abu Farha - Irgaa ya ghali

Fares Abu Farha - Irgaa ya ghali - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Lan akoun li ghayrakLan akoun li ghayrak - Fares Abu Farha04:46
2Omqa maarifatiOmqa maarifati - Fares Abu Farha04:52
3Wahdaka habibiWahdaka habibi - Fares Abu Farha03:58
4Boadi ankaBoadi anka - Fares Abu Farha05:03
5Sort jadidSort jadid - Fares Abu Farha03:54
6Slamtoka qalbiSlamtoka qalbi - Fares Abu Farha04:09
7Neerak hayinNeerak hayin - Fares Abu Farha03:21
8Blak el eisha saabahBlak el eisha saabah - Fares Abu Farha03:26
9Aayish ayamiAayish ayami - Fares Abu Farha03:54
10Yalli salamtou qalbakYalli salamtou qalbak - Fares Abu Farha03:58
11Awqati maakAwqati maak - Fares Abu Farha04:10
12Erjaa ya ghaliErjaa ya ghali - Fares Abu Farha04:32
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 Fares Abu Farha - Irgaa ya ghali