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You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near.
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Nshaat Wasef - Leghairak mmnoaa ellams

Nshaat Wasef - Leghairak mmnoaa ellams - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Aayiz aeieshAayiz aeiesh - Nshaat Wasef04:54
2Le elah khlasiLe elah khlasi - Nshaat Wasef05:42
3Aalin aalinAalin aalin - Nshaat Wasef03:34
4Raai jameelRaai jameel - Nshaat Wasef05:30
5Jay waarifJay waarif - Nshaat Wasef04:29
6Elahna aatheemElahna aatheem - Nshaat Wasef04:21
7Ma tsibneeshMa tsibneesh - Nshaat Wasef05:07
8Meen zayakMeen zayak - Nshaat Wasef04:47
9Makhtotit omriMakhtotit omri - Nshaat Wasef04:40
10Marfoaeen dayman bielahnaMarfoaeen dayman bielahna - Nshaat Wasef05:02
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 Nshaat Wasef - Leghairak mmnoaa ellams