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Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.
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Hermas Samir - aoumri ma hafshal

Hermas Samir - aoumri ma hafshal - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Hobak sakinHobak sakin - Hermas Samir07:03
2Omri ma hafshalOmri ma hafshal - Hermas Samir04:53
3Samaiee sahranahSamaiee sahranah - Hermas Samir04:39
4Atloub wajhakAtloub wajhak - Hermas Samir08:39
5Anta el shafieAnta el shafie - Hermas Samir03:43
6Qalbi biyhtifQalbi biyhtif - Hermas Samir04:26
7Ahbabtani ya sayidiAhbabtani ya sayidi - Hermas Samir09:49
8Ana fakirAna fakir - Hermas Samir05:00
9Yasoua el maseehYasoua el maseeh - Hermas Samir05:07
10Fe qalbi shokorFe qalbi shokor - Hermas Samir03:44
11Hantarjim zaman el ahlamHantarjim zaman el ahlam - Hermas Samir05:09
12Aoyonna bttrajakAoyonna bttrajak - Hermas Samir03:45
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 Hermas Samir - aoumri ma hafshal