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Chosen Verse:
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
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Philip Wissa - Str alaali

Philip Wissa - Str alaali - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Nasjoud wanaboudNasjoud wanaboud - Philip Wissa05:13Download Nasjoud wanaboud
2Qodous anta ya allahQodous anta ya allah - Philip Wissa03:13Download Qodous anta ya allah
3Elran salihElran salih - Philip Wissa05:30Download Elran salih
4Aatheem howa rabonaAatheem howa rabona - Philip Wissa06:10Download Aatheem howa rabona
5Nobarkak ya malik el majdNobarkak ya malik el majd - Philip Wissa03:21Download Nobarkak ya malik el majd
6Halliloia limalik el majdHalliloia limalik el majd - Philip Wissa03:17Download Halliloia limalik el majd
7Anta malik hayati kolahaAnta malik hayati kolaha - Philip Wissa04:25Download Anta malik hayati kolaha
8Eltasaqat nafsi bikaEltasaqat nafsi bika - Philip Wissa05:35Download Eltasaqat nafsi bika
9Nosabihak wa nobarikakNosabihak wa nobarikak - Philip Wissa03:54Download Nosabihak wa nobarikak
10El sakin fe sitr el aaliEl sakin fe sitr el aali - Philip Wissa04:42Download El sakin fe sitr el aali
11Noqta min dam yasouaNoqta min dam yasoua - Philip Wissa05:00Download Noqta min dam yasoua
12Fe thorouf qasyiaFe thorouf qasyia - Philip Wissa05:35Download Fe thorouf qasyia
13Fe amal fe el maseehFe amal fe el maseeh - Philip Wissa05:18Download Fe amal fe el maseeh
14Yashfi el nafsYashfi el nafs - Philip Wissa03:25Download Yashfi el nafs
15Min kol haiMin kol hai - Philip Wissa05:02Download Min kol hai
16MusicMusic - Philip Wissa02:00Download Music
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 Philip Wissa - Str alaali