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But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
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Bishara Jiryis - Saalouni an yasoua

Bishara Jiryis - Saalouni an yasoua - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Saalouni aan yasouaSaalouni aan yasoua - Bishara Jiryis03:20Download Saalouni aan yasoua
2Rannimo llilahRannimo llilah - Bishara Jiryis04:14Download Rannimo llilah
3Yasoua leeYasoua lee - Bishara Jiryis02:58Download Yasoua lee
4Nahir swaqeekNahir swaqeek - Bishara Jiryis04:30Download Nahir swaqeek
5Arouh lameen ghirakArouh lameen ghirak - Bishara Jiryis04:07Download Arouh lameen ghirak
6Aarfak mishqadir tirtahAarfak mishqadir tirtah - Bishara Jiryis03:43Download Aarfak mishqadir tirtah
7El sakin fe sitr rabiEl sakin fe sitr rabi - Bishara Jiryis04:25Download El sakin fe sitr rabi
8Haya liloudHaya liloud - Bishara Jiryis04:42Download Haya liloud
9Sikat el samaaSikat el samaa - Bishara Jiryis02:20Download Sikat el samaa
10Ya habibi ya yasouaYa habibi ya yasoua - Bishara Jiryis04:09Download Ya habibi ya yasoua
11Yalli araft el rab yasouaYalli araft el rab yasoua - Bishara Jiryis03:15Download Yalli araft el rab yasoua
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 Bishara Jiryis - Saalouni an yasoua