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I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.
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Moheeb Makhlouf - Enta msh lalthekryat

Moheeb Makhlouf - Enta msh lalthekryat - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Ma ahla alsojoudMa ahla alsojoud - Moheeb Makhlouf04:47
2Abi dllaltoAbi dllalto - Moheeb Makhlouf04:41
3Abhath an klimatAbhath an klimat - Moheeb Makhlouf04:44
4Atakil alaikAtakil alaik - Moheeb Makhlouf06:45
5Mokhalisi thobehtMokhalisi thobeht - Moheeb Makhlouf04:05
6Mn ghairakMn ghairak - Moheeb Makhlouf03:36
7Anta msh llthikryatAnta msh llthikryat - Moheeb Makhlouf04:56
8Anta hadafAnta hadaf - Moheeb Makhlouf06:07
9Khalini qorb al saleebKhalini qorb al saleeb - Moheeb Makhlouf04:25
10Ya alahiYa alahi - Moheeb Makhlouf05:05
11Qol kalimahQol kalimah - Moheeb Makhlouf03:26
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 Moheeb Makhlouf - Enta msh lalthekryat