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Chosen Verse:
Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.
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Romany Soliman - Zman altaawedat

Romany Soliman - Zman altaawedat - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Ana horAna hor - Romany Soliman04:32Download Ana hor
2Zaman eftiqadikZaman eftiqadik - Romany Soliman04:28Download Zaman eftiqadik
3Etghayar aienwaniEtghayar aienwani - Romany Soliman05:51Download Etghayar aienwani
4Kam marahKam marah - Romany Soliman04:56Download Kam marah
5Khali balakKhali balak - Romany Soliman05:51Download Khali balak
6Lama yaajiz el basharLama yaajiz el bashar - Romany Soliman04:28Download Lama yaajiz el bashar
7Llilkhayir dayman tiamalLlilkhayir dayman tiamal - Romany Soliman04:40Download Llilkhayir dayman tiamal
8Maana el hobMaana el hob - Romany Soliman05:07Download Maana el hob
9NadimNadim - Romany Soliman05:51Download Nadim
10Zaman el taawedatZaman el taawedat - Romany Soliman04:32Download Zaman el taawedat
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 Romany Soliman - Zman altaawedat