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For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.
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Eshak Karmy - Hotaf almontasreen

Eshak Karmy - Hotaf almontasreen - statistics

Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Qiraah olahQiraah olah - Eshak Karmy00:46Download Qiraah olah
2Bi qowat le esim yasouaBi qowat le esim yasoua - Eshak Karmy02:42Download Bi qowat le esim yasoua
3Aalawta jedanAalawta jedan - Eshak Karmy02:15Download Aalawta jedan
4Majdan lihabib qalbiMajdan lihabib qalbi - Eshak Karmy04:07Download Majdan lihabib qalbi
5Kol rokbahKol rokbah - Eshak Karmy03:18Download Kol rokbah
6Qiraah thaniyaQiraah thaniya - Eshak Karmy04:41Download Qiraah thaniya
7Qalbi wlahmiQalbi wlahmi - Eshak Karmy05:01Download Qalbi wlahmi
8Aatham elahAatham elah - Eshak Karmy05:15Download Aatham elah
9Ksarit siham el aadowKsarit siham el aadow - Eshak Karmy04:14Download Ksarit siham el aadow
10Qodous qodousQodous qodous - Eshak Karmy03:19Download Qodous qodous
11El rab howa allahEl rab howa allah - Eshak Karmy06:31Download El rab howa allah
12Qiraah thalithahQiraah thalithah - Eshak Karmy02:39Download Qiraah thalithah
13ayid ya rab alayinaayid ya rab alayina - Eshak Karmy02:50Download ayid ya rab alayina
14Anta ya rabiAnta ya rabi - Eshak Karmy04:44Download Anta ya rabi
15Li elahna binied tareiaLi elahna binied tareia - Eshak Karmy04:29Download Li elahna binied tareia
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 Eshak Karmy - Hotaf almontasreen