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Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”
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Snabil Team - Alsnabil alawal

Snabil - Alsnabil alawal - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Nihna talamethakNihna talamethak - Snabil01:11
2Tifil sagheer bardanTifil sagheer bardan - Snabil03:15
3Allah mneeh maaiAllah mneeh maai - Snabil00:50
4Ana kteer sagheerAna kteer sagheer - Snabil00:56
5Badi hafithBadi hafith - Snabil01:47
6Badi samih badi hibBadi samih badi hib - Snabil01:32
7Fe el taani el salamhFe el taani el salamh - Snabil01:12
8Kol yawmKol yawm - Snabil02:53
9Wlad thibak shu ma sarWlad thibak shu ma sar - Snabil01:37
10Shwai shwaiShwai shwai - Snabil01:03
11El amal fe bokraEl amal fe bokra - Snabil02:45
12Allah wasana wasiyeAllah wasana wasiye - Snabil01:46
13Shofou shofouShofou shofou - Snabil01:46
14Zaqif zaqifZaqif zaqif - Snabil01:35
15Farah el rabFarah el rab - Snabil01:18
16Ya rab eamal fenaYa rab eamal fena - Snabil01:28
17Hilwah el aielahHilwah el aielah - Snabil02:26
18QositnaQositna - Snabil02:12
19Eblees maghloubEblees maghloub - Snabil01:19
20El aihtiram alaiyna wajibEl aihtiram alaiyna wajib - Snabil01:09
21Kont atshanKont atshan - Snabil01:28
22Likol shayiea waqtLikol shayiea waqt - Snabil01:35
23Al malak zahtaq el hajarAl malak zahtaq el hajar - Snabil02:17
24Meen ma kontMeen ma kont - Snabil01:09
25Men sakin fe qalbakMen sakin fe qalbak - Snabil01:15
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Team Snabil - Alsnabil alawal