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I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.
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Snabil Team - Alsnabil altani

Snabil - Alsnabil altani - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1El kawn am yiehkiEl kawn am yiehki - Snabil02:46
2alsine klha arbaa fsolalsine klha arbaa fsol - Snabil02:12
3Allah akbar minaAllah akbar mina - Snabil01:56
4Kolna bel bahir el baaiedKolna bel bahir el baaied - Snabil01:42
5Alif baa taaAlif baa taa - Snabil01:34
6Yawm el arbiaaYawm el arbiaa - Snabil00:41
7Kont bilbetKont bilbet - Snabil01:20
8Ana esmiAna esmi - Snabil01:52
9alsine klha atnaashr shahralsine klha atnaashr shahr - Snabil02:15
10Ahla el ayiamAhla el ayiam - Snabil02:00
11Ma tkhaf tsharikMa tkhaf tsharik - Snabil01:46
12Tahiah mnahikoTahiah mnahiko - Snabil01:28
13Rayheen peknikRayheen peknik - Snabil01:25
14Ana ana barkodAna ana barkod - Snabil00:59
15Otrokuni alaabOtrokuni alaab - Snabil01:41
16Akol watmataaAkol watmataa - Snabil01:48
17Wbeek endWbeek end - Snabil01:20
18Salli dawmanSalli dawman - Snabil00:39
19Daq el ghadabDaq el ghadab - Snabil00:58
20Mishwar elyawm entahaMishwar elyawm entaha - Snabil01:19
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