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But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
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Eshak Karmy - Aado tareek alrab

Eshak Karmy - Aado tareek alrab - statistics

Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Halloma noranimHalloma noranim - Eshak Karmy05:47Download Halloma noranim
2La mithla lakaLa mithla laka - Eshak Karmy03:10Download La mithla laka
3Shouq el qalbShouq el qalb - Eshak Karmy03:00Download Shouq el qalb
4First readingFirst reading - Eshak Karmy01:58Download First reading
5Ehtifi llardEhtifi llard - Eshak Karmy07:18Download Ehtifi llard
6Nahtif lisayidna fadinaNahtif lisayidna fadina - Eshak Karmy03:34Download Nahtif lisayidna fadina
7Esmaho yamtadEsmaho yamtad - Eshak Karmy04:16Download Esmaho yamtad
8Fe esim yasouaFe esim yasoua - Eshak Karmy02:27Download Fe esim yasoua
9Tareeq rabanaTareeq rabana - Eshak Karmy02:23Download Tareeq rabana
10Elsamaa tohadithElsamaa tohadith - Eshak Karmy03:23Download Elsamaa tohadith
11Second readingSecond reading - Eshak Karmy02:03Download Second reading
12Qloub el molokQloub el molok - Eshak Karmy05:24Download Qloub el molok
13Mobarak el rab elahnaMobarak el rab elahna - Eshak Karmy04:23Download Mobarak el rab elahna
14Anta howa el raboAnta howa el rabo - Eshak Karmy02:52Download Anta howa el rabo
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 Eshak Karmy - Aado tareek alrab