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Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.
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Sarkis Diarbi - Ana lka

Sarkis Diarbi - Ana lka - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Ana lakaAna laka - Sarkis Diarbi05:18
2Ma lee ghirakMa lee ghirak - Sarkis Diarbi06:23
3Seer bwajhak amamiSeer bwajhak amami - Sarkis Diarbi06:13
4Rabona el qadirRabona el qadir - Sarkis Diarbi04:41
5Jayie la eindakJayie la eindak - Sarkis Diarbi04:22
6Kol el donya fanyahKol el donya fanyah - Sarkis Diarbi03:53
7Motakali antaMotakali anta - Sarkis Diarbi05:08
8Taalou taalouTaalou taalou - Sarkis Diarbi05:44
9Matha faaloMatha faalo - Sarkis Diarbi04:29
10Rabana ( 3 loghat)Rabana ( 3 loghat) - Sarkis Diarbi04:41
11Ala dalounaAla dalouna - Sarkis Diarbi06:28
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 Sarkis Diarbi - Ana lka