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Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
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Angham Al Samaa Team - Daiman maayia

Angham Al Samaa - Daiman maayia - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Aalimni akounAalimni akoun - Angham Al Samaa03:02
2Salat el tawbahSalat el tawbah - Angham Al Samaa04:31
3Lama el himil byieqalLama el himil byieqal - Angham Al Samaa05:15
4Dayman maayaDayman maaya - Angham Al Samaa05:58
5Bayien yadaiekBayien yadaiek - Angham Al Samaa06:33
6Kol yom taht saleebakKol yom taht saleebak - Angham Al Samaa04:10
7Enta aghla ma fe hayatiEnta aghla ma fe hayati - Angham Al Samaa04:50
8El khatyiah eimlat sahabahEl khatyiah eimlat sahabah - Angham Al Samaa05:53
9Talbeen el ownTalbeen el own - Angham Al Samaa05:46
10Enta elli aarifEnta elli aarif - Angham Al Samaa04:55
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Team Angham Al Samaa - Daiman maayia