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So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
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Rita Fawzi - Shouq qalbi

Rita Fawzi - Shouq qalbi - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Ya thalimniYa thalimni - Rita Fawzi03:27Download Ya thalimni
2Shoq qalbiShoq qalbi - Rita Fawzi04:05Download Shoq qalbi
3Anfid ghobar el zmanAnfid ghobar el zman - Rita Fawzi06:00Download Anfid ghobar el zman
4Ya kanesah halhaliYa kanesah halhali - Rita Fawzi03:26Download Ya kanesah halhali
5Shbeej farhana hiwayaShbeej farhana hiwaya - Rita Fawzi03:00Download Shbeej farhana hiwaya
6Wied ahibakWied ahibak - Rita Fawzi03:29Download Wied ahibak
7HamamaHamama - Rita Fawzi03:13Download Hamama
8AktiblakAktiblak - Rita Fawzi05:34Download Aktiblak
9Ya khatiYa khati - Rita Fawzi03:05Download Ya khati
10Yibqa hobnaYibqa hobna - Rita Fawzi03:06Download Yibqa hobna
11FodwahFodwah - Rita Fawzi04:05Download Fodwah
12Khati jinitKhati jinit - Rita Fawzi03:04Download Khati jinit
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 Rita Fawzi - Shouq qalbi