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Chosen Verse:
For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it.
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Naseef Sobhi - Brah wogouh

Naseef Sobhi - Brah wogouh - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Kalimah el moranimKalimah el moranim - Naseef Sobhi01:21Download Kalimah el moranim
2Ahtif wa oranimAhtif wa oranim - Naseef Sobhi01:39Download Ahtif wa oranim
3Hafdal aratilHafdal aratil - Naseef Sobhi03:45Download Hafdal aratil
4AasafeerAasafeer - Naseef Sobhi03:33Download Aasafeer
5Kol el nasKol el nas - Naseef Sobhi02:08Download Kol el nas
6Aayez akhabarAayez akhabar - Naseef Sobhi03:33Download Aayez akhabar
7Mish bas laieni maseehiMish bas laieni maseehi - Naseef Sobhi02:59Download Mish bas laieni maseehi
8Ana aayish fe el folkAna aayish fe el folk - Naseef Sobhi04:00Download Ana aayish fe el folk
9Bab waheedBab waheed - Naseef Sobhi02:05Download Bab waheed
10Ana fe el maseehAna fe el maseeh - Naseef Sobhi01:58Download Ana fe el maseeh
11Yasoua binadeekYasoua binadeek - Naseef Sobhi02:13Download Yasoua binadeek
12Jowah qalbiJowah qalbi - Naseef Sobhi01:27Download Jowah qalbi
13Khalas ya qalbiKhalas ya qalbi - Naseef Sobhi04:57Download Khalas ya qalbi
14Kol qloubnaKol qloubna - Naseef Sobhi01:20Download Kol qloubna
15Yalli klamakYalli klamak - Naseef Sobhi03:06Download Yalli klamak
16Onthrou ayat mahabhOnthrou ayat mahabh - Naseef Sobhi02:09Download Onthrou ayat mahabh
17Yawm el ahad farhanYawm el ahad farhan - Naseef Sobhi02:53Download Yawm el ahad farhan
18Honak fe bayit el aabHonak fe bayit el aab - Naseef Sobhi03:13Download Honak fe bayit el aab
19Kalimah min ayam nouhKalimah min ayam nouh - Naseef Sobhi01:20Download Kalimah min ayam nouh
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 Naseef Sobhi - Brah wogouh