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Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
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Misc - Barik Bladi

Misc - Barik Bladi - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Qoumi ya masir wa estaneriQoumi ya masir wa estaneri - Misc04:58
2Barek beladiBarek beladi - Misc05:28
3Ehfath biladna ya rabEhfath biladna ya rab - Misc05:17
4Ya oyion el rabYa oyion el rab - Misc05:18
5Lisah fehi fe qalbakLisah fehi fe qalbak - Misc04:09
6Ya allah abanaYa allah abana - Misc05:21
7Shaabak wa kanistakShaabak wa kanistak - Misc04:03
8Taal ya rab la bladnaTaal ya rab la bladna - Misc05:40
9Jai qareeb lbaldnaJai qareeb lbaldna - Misc05:33
10Aasir el nahdaAasir el nahda - Misc04:08
11Elahna aatheemElahna aatheem - Misc05:06
12Shaib masirShaib masir - Misc02:46
13Ana fe entitharakAna fe entitharak - Misc05:05
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 Misc - Barik Bladi