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But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.
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Moaied Al Eraki - La shmatah

Moaied Al Eraki - La shmatah - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Enna el ashbal ehtajatEnna el ashbal ehtajat - Moaied Al Eraki03:40
2Nadou wghanoNadou wghano - Moaied Al Eraki05:50
3Ma abhakMa abhak - Moaied Al Eraki04:02
4Ana einaa aswadAna einaa aswad - Moaied Al Eraki04:28
5Barfaa esim elahiBarfaa esim elahi - Moaied Al Eraki05:39
6Halliloia el rab rakib sahabahHalliloia el rab rakib sahabah - Moaied Al Eraki03:39
7La la shamatahLa la shamatah - Moaied Al Eraki04:08
8Ranimo llah bi hotafRanimo llah bi hotaf - Moaied Al Eraki03:11
9Kol rokbah sawfa tanhaniKol rokbah sawfa tanhani - Moaied Al Eraki04:06
10Kam yahlo leeKam yahlo lee - Moaied Al Eraki06:07
11Aalimna ya aghla sadeeqAalimna ya aghla sadeeq - Moaied Al Eraki05:39
12Sawfa noghaniSawfa noghani - Moaied Al Eraki03:20
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 Moaied Al Eraki - La shmatah