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So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
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Bahgat Adly - Faouka almiah

Bahgat Adly - Faouka almiah - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Basadiq woudakBasadiq woudak - Bahgat Adly03:47
2Basali ya rabBasali ya rab - Bahgat Adly04:54
3Batremi fe hodnakBatremi fe hodnak - Bahgat Adly03:50
4Shmalak tahta rasiShmalak tahta rasi - Bahgat Adly03:21
5Eide de eidakEide de eidak - Bahgat Adly05:14
6Hahmid qalbiHahmid qalbi - Bahgat Adly04:47
7Mish qadir ya rabiMish qadir ya rabi - Bahgat Adly03:31
8Mish laqiMish laqi - Bahgat Adly04:38
9Sakhib el kol hawliSakhib el kol hawli - Bahgat Adly04:50
10Ya nafsi alla tadreenYa nafsi alla tadreen - Bahgat Adly02:56
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 Bahgat Adly - Faouka almiah