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So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
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The Way Of Life Team - Yasoua fi wasatna

The Way Of Life - Yasoua fi wasatna - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Yasoua fe wastanaYasoua fe wastana - The Way Of Life04:49
2Ana baalin hobi washokriAna baalin hobi washokri - The Way Of Life03:31
3Qisat el hob el aajeebQisat el hob el aajeeb - The Way Of Life05:52
4Aatarif laka& lan aaieshAatarif laka& lan aaiesh - The Way Of Life09:28
5Aoumin bidam yasoua el maseehAoumin bidam yasoua el maseeh - The Way Of Life03:47
6Qal lee el shayitan khatayakQal lee el shayitan khatayak - The Way Of Life06:03
7Adkhol liqodsikaAdkhol liqodsika - The Way Of Life05:24
8Ohdeeka kol el majdOhdeeka kol el majd - The Way Of Life03:16
9Yahwa rafaq anta el shafiYahwa rafaq anta el shafi - The Way Of Life03:10
10Mostahiq kol elmajd& farhan oghmornaMostahiq kol elmajd& farhan oghmorna - The Way Of Life05:42
11Dam el rab eshtranaDam el rab eshtrana - The Way Of Life05:36
12El rab howa el malik el qadeerEl rab howa el malik el qadeer - The Way Of Life02:30
13Aalou rayat el nasirAalou rayat el nasir - The Way Of Life01:57
14Afrah wa ohallil wa oranimAfrah wa ohallil wa oranim - The Way Of Life02:26
15Tasbeeh llrab ha yielaTasbeeh llrab ha yiela - The Way Of Life04:07
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Team The Way Of Life - Yasoua fi wasatna