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But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
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The Way Of Life Team - Naam ahabni

The Way Of Life - Naam ahabni - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Ya ajaban mokhaliseYa ajaban mokhalise - The Way Of Life02:42
2Hal jalast fe hodoaHal jalast fe hodoa - The Way Of Life05:06
3Anta tohatim el qoyiodAnta tohatim el qoyiod - The Way Of Life04:50
4Daafi meen yhis beehDaafi meen yhis beeh - The Way Of Life03:41
5Sadiq enni kteer habyitakSadiq enni kteer habyitak - The Way Of Life04:58
6jaylak ya yasoua moshtaq atghaiarjaylak ya yasoua moshtaq atghaiar - The Way Of Life04:42
7Bil ahdan el abawiyaBil ahdan el abawiya - The Way Of Life05:16
8Ya fadi ana ati elaikYa fadi ana ati elaik - The Way Of Life04:01
9Llmontaha ahbabtaniLlmontaha ahbabtani - The Way Of Life04:53
10Lama daani rabiLama daani rabi - The Way Of Life04:53
11Lawla el naamahLawla el naamah - The Way Of Life05:27
12Man yasmaa sarkhat el qalbMan yasmaa sarkhat el qalb - The Way Of Life04:49
13Qalbi beek farhanQalbi beek farhan - The Way Of Life03:49
14Ana hafrah beekAna hafrah beek - The Way Of Life04:38
15Ghanou wa ranimoGhanou wa ranimo - The Way Of Life02:08
16Noaathim el rab yasouaNoaathim el rab yasoua - The Way Of Life03:51
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Team The Way Of Life - Naam ahabni