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Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.
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Joseph Nasralla - Brfaa elahi

Joseph Nasralla - Brfaa elahi - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Ma tqolsh baadinMa tqolsh baadin - Joseph Nasralla03:46
2Alahna qablak wla baadakAlahna qablak wla baadak - Joseph Nasralla04:56
3Anta aareifAnta aareif - Joseph Nasralla05:06
4Barfaa alahiBarfaa alahi - Joseph Nasralla03:24
5Thabit qalbiThabit qalbi - Joseph Nasralla06:11
6KhabeniKhabeni - Joseph Nasralla07:06
7Yefdal qalbi maakYefdal qalbi maak - Joseph Nasralla04:15
8Ala saoutakAla saoutak - Joseph Nasralla05:39
9Atheem ya allahAtheem ya allah - Joseph Nasralla04:00
10Ftaht qalbiFtaht qalbi - Joseph Nasralla05:48
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 Joseph Nasralla - Brfaa elahi