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Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.
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Seham Elkalema Team - Zman alhasad

Seham Elkalema - Zman alhasad - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Rafieen eidena lekRafieen eidena lek - Seham Elkalema04:06
2Ya rab ahmadoka bayin el shoubYa rab ahmadoka bayin el shoub - Seham Elkalema04:51
3La tdaani akhzaLa tdaani akhza - Seham Elkalema03:13
4Leek el sojoudLeek el sojoud - Seham Elkalema03:35
5Fe jabal qodsiFe jabal qodsi - Seham Elkalema05:17
6Kfakom qoaoudKfakom qoaoud - Seham Elkalema02:16
7Liyaati mlakotakLiyaati mlakotak - Seham Elkalema03:49
8Fadaytik ya kanesatiFadaytik ya kanesati - Seham Elkalema04:20
9Enta qadir tghayierEnta qadir tghayier - Seham Elkalema04:33
10Aabdan wal aan tadouniAabdan wal aan tadouni - Seham Elkalema02:56
11Rooh el rab alainaRooh el rab alaina - Seham Elkalema04:26
12Rajiat ayiamna lenaRajiat ayiamna lena - Seham Elkalema03:46
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Team Seham Elkalema - Zman alhasad