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Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!
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Emad Khairy - Aalimni

Emad Khairy - Aalimni - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Jawaouni lekJawaouni lek - Emad Khairy01:26
2Fe bihar hobakFe bihar hobak - Emad Khairy04:05
3Fe showq wahaneenFe showq wahaneen - Emad Khairy03:32
4Ya saiehYa saieh - Emad Khairy03:45
5Ha qad aayitHa qad aayit - Emad Khairy07:32
6Allah ellathi lanaAllah ellathi lana - Emad Khairy03:21
7Aboya el hanounAboya el hanoun - Emad Khairy05:03
8Lan tarah ayinLan tarah ayin - Emad Khairy03:42
9Ya raaieYa raaie - Emad Khairy03:01
10Wrajialak ya yasouaWrajialak ya yasoua - Emad Khairy04:28
11Man yamlok ala el hayaMan yamlok ala el haya - Emad Khairy03:09
12Rida byia whin alayiaRida byia whin alayia - Emad Khairy02:39
13Kalimah jameelahKalimah jameelah - Emad Khairy03:54
14Wasit el bahir el hayiejWasit el bahir el hayiej - Emad Khairy08:50
15Ehfathni fe ridakEhfathni fe ridak - Emad Khairy02:51
16AalimniAalimni - Emad Khairy04:21
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 Emad Khairy - Aalimni