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But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
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Nizar Fares - La hlak

Nizar Fares - La hlak - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1La halakLa halak - Nizar Fares03:54
2Meen qallakMeen qallak - Nizar Fares02:35
3Laysa bi aamaliLaysa bi aamali - Nizar Fares03:48
4Biridak ya khalikeBiridak ya khalike - Nizar Fares04:10
5Masloub wmalakMasloub wmalak - Nizar Fares03:37
6Birouhak oghmorniBirouhak oghmorni - Nizar Fares02:50
7Taalou ellaiTaalou ellai - Nizar Fares05:03
8Toaathim nafsiToaathim nafsi - Nizar Fares03:42
9Rabbak elli aiemlakRabbak elli aiemlak - Nizar Fares04:12
10Li aamal ma toreedLi aamal ma toreed - Nizar Fares03:33
11Ya ebin eliensanYa ebin eliensan - Nizar Fares03:45
12Laysa bi aamaliLaysa bi aamali - Nizar Fares03:50
13Ya elahiYa elahi - Nizar Fares06:01
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 Nizar Fares - La hlak