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I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.
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Fam Eshak - Ala babi

Fam Eshak - Ala babi - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Lama bakyiet min jarhiLama bakyiet min jarhi - Fam Eshak05:33Download Lama bakyiet min jarhi
2Saadnou minka ya rabiSaadnou minka ya rabi - Fam Eshak04:02Download Saadnou minka ya rabi
3Meen ghirakMeen ghirak - Fam Eshak03:58Download Meen ghirak
4Fe bihar hobakFe bihar hobak - Fam Eshak05:24Download Fe bihar hobak
5Ya elahi ana ghaliYa elahi ana ghali - Fam Eshak04:43Download Ya elahi ana ghali
6Emsik yadie wqoudniEmsik yadie wqoudni - Fam Eshak04:34Download Emsik yadie wqoudni
7Lan taaoud taqraaLan taaoud taqraa - Fam Eshak06:32Download Lan taaoud taqraa
8Anta el habibAnta el habib - Fam Eshak05:52Download Anta el habib
9Fe yawm marietFe yawm mariet - Fam Eshak03:47Download Fe yawm mariet
10MusicMusic - Fam Eshak02:45Download Music
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 Fam Eshak - Ala babi