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But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.
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Joseph Nasralla - Thamr shifah

Joseph Nasralla - Thamr shifah - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Afrahna beekAfrahna beek - Joseph Nasralla03:46
2Ainta al aalaAinta al aala - Joseph Nasralla03:47
3Biltsbeeh taskon ya ailahnaBiltsbeeh taskon ya ailahna - Joseph Nasralla05:06
4Biltasbeeh geenaBiltasbeeh geena - Joseph Nasralla05:29
5Beek hataadiBeek hataadi - Joseph Nasralla03:40
6Dmak yeghatiDmak yeghati - Joseph Nasralla05:18
7Ragea leekRagea leek - Joseph Nasralla06:37
8Shaifak rabiShaifak rabi - Joseph Nasralla04:59
9Fe sitrakFe sitrak - Joseph Nasralla04:37
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