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Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
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Fam Eshak - Lisah baghfir

Fam Eshak - Lisah baghfir - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Liah baghfirLiah baghfir - Fam Eshak04:33Download Liah baghfir
2La tashmati ya adowatiLa tashmati ya adowati - Fam Eshak04:37Download La tashmati ya adowati
3Elsamaa tafrah beeElsamaa tafrah bee - Fam Eshak04:36Download Elsamaa tafrah bee
4Law aayish baaiedLaw aayish baaied - Fam Eshak05:02Download Law aayish baaied
5Oskoun ya rab birahmatakOskoun ya rab birahmatak - Fam Eshak03:55Download Oskoun ya rab birahmatak
6Bafdal abeaakBafdal abeaak - Fam Eshak05:22Download Bafdal abeaak
7Eh akhir el hikayahEh akhir el hikayah - Fam Eshak04:55Download Eh akhir el hikayah
8Khalas aenaya taawadatKhalas aenaya taawadat - Fam Eshak04:41Download Khalas aenaya taawadat
9Rayina el qabir fareghRayina el qabir faregh - Fam Eshak07:14Download Rayina el qabir faregh
10Ana beek mansourAna beek mansour - Fam Eshak03:22Download Ana beek mansour
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Ala babi, Ya bakht albi beek
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 Fam Eshak - Lisah baghfir