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Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
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mbassadors Team - Yasoua hai fyi

mbassadors - Yasoua hai fyi - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Sawfa adkhol abwabakSawfa adkhol abwabak - mbassadors01:25
2Ayoha el sayid anta qad sanaatAyoha el sayid anta qad sanaat - mbassadors01:19
3Asjod amamakAsjod amamak - mbassadors03:47
4Yasoua notawijakYasoua notawijak - mbassadors05:25
5Nobarkak ya maleek el majdNobarkak ya maleek el majd - mbassadors03:59
6Ma ahla el sojoudMa ahla el sojoud - mbassadors07:40
7Aghla min el laaliaAghla min el laalia - mbassadors03:22
8Mokhalisi thobihtMokhalisi thobiht - mbassadors04:52
9Man yasmaa sarkhit el qalb el daaiefMan yasmaa sarkhit el qalb el daaief - mbassadors03:20
10Ana lato ashbaa min habibiAna lato ashbaa min habibi - mbassadors05:24
11Howa yaamor fatahda el biharHowa yaamor fatahda el bihar - mbassadors04:11
12Dossi ya nafsi baiezDossi ya nafsi baiez - mbassadors04:18
13Lailahna binoud tareeqLailahna binoud tareeq - mbassadors03:38
14Wmahma tkoun haseenahWmahma tkoun haseenah - mbassadors02:50
15Nashedi yaalouNashedi yaalou - mbassadors05:32
16Ya qowatiYa qowati - mbassadors03:32
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Team mbassadors - Yasoua hai fyi