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The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.
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Father Fady Tabet - Sahran kol allaiel

Father Fady Tabet - Sahran kol allaiel - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Sahran kol ellyilSahran kol ellyil - Father Fady Tabet04:21Download Sahran kol ellyil
2Rabi biaadlakRabi biaadlak - Father Fady Tabet06:03Download Rabi biaadlak
3Ya shams el hobYa shams el hob - Father Fady Tabet04:42Download Ya shams el hob
4Bayiee ya shamsBayiee ya shams - Father Fady Tabet04:45Download Bayiee ya shams
5Ya badir el nourYa badir el nour - Father Fady Tabet05:24Download Ya badir el nour
6Ya khatiYa khati - Father Fady Tabet06:27Download Ya khati
7Kalimah enta kahinKalimah enta kahin - Father Fady Tabet05:35Download Kalimah enta kahin
8GhorbahGhorbah - Father Fady Tabet05:22Download Ghorbah
9HabithaHabitha - Father Fady Tabet05:25Download Habitha
10Abana fe el samawatAbana fe el samawat - Father Fady Tabet03:55Download Abana fe el samawat
11Ya rabi yasouaYa rabi yasoua - Father Fady Tabet05:46Download Ya rabi yasoua
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 Father Fady Tabet - Sahran kol allaiel