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Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.
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Hymns Spiritual Team - Ala almrsad

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Qad saaid el rabQad saaid el rab - Hymns Spiritual02:34
2Hal liqaa nahtha fehiHal liqaa nahtha fehi - Hymns Spiritual03:41
3La boda yawman tantahiLa boda yawman tantahi - Hymns Spiritual03:53
4La tathkiro le min el donyaLa tathkiro le min el donya - Hymns Spiritual05:54
5Ana lasto ailla ghareeban honaAna lasto ailla ghareeban hona - Hymns Spiritual03:32
6Qoumi arous el rabQoumi arous el rab - Hymns Spiritual03:21
7Ya li sir faiqYa li sir faiq - Hymns Spiritual03:55
8Aama qareeb yadwi booqAama qareeb yadwi booq - Hymns Spiritual05:45
9Ya jameea man fdaytom ranimouYa jameea man fdaytom ranimou - Hymns Spiritual04:20
10Saoufa yaati fe sahabSaoufa yaati fe sahab - Hymns Spiritual03:56
11Enna eshtyaq el qalbEnna eshtyaq el qalb - Hymns Spiritual06:14
12Fe layil ghiabakFe layil ghiabak - Hymns Spiritual03:00
13Habibi (qaseeda)Habibi (qaseeda) - Hymns Spiritual01:47
14Ya rab ennani ghareebYa rab ennani ghareeb - Hymns Spiritual03:20
15MusicMusic - Hymns Spiritual01:32
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Team Hymns Spiritual - Ala almrsad