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Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.
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Misc - Anhid shaabouk

Misc - Anhid shaabouk - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Arfaa yadie aalyian lillahArfaa yadie aalyian lillah - Misc03:56
2Yasoua ohibakYasoua ohibak - Misc02:57
3Rahmit rabana qiwyat alinaRahmit rabana qiwyat alina - Misc02:33
4Etha sirto fe el thalamEtha sirto fe el thalam - Misc03:14
5Tarnemah tashgeeayaTarnemah tashgeeaya - Misc04:00
6Taal ayoha el rooh el haqTaal ayoha el rooh el haq - Misc04:01
7Ismaho aathem fawk el kolIsmaho aathem fawk el kol - Misc03:19
8Amam aarshak ataynaAmam aarshak atayna - Misc03:17
9Fe kol tareeq taseer fehiFe kol tareeq taseer fehi - Misc03:15
10Maa anna kathiren yatrikoun yasouaMaa anna kathiren yatrikoun yasoua - Misc03:07
11Tarnemah tashjeiya librkit el ekhwah 2Tarnemah tashjeiya librkit el ekhwah 2 - Misc04:34
12Anta elah el khalasAnta elah el khalas - Misc05:14
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 Misc - Anhid shaabouk