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Chosen Verse:
I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.
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Ghassan Potros - Bladi ya rab

Ghassan Potros - Bladi ya rab - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Taaleeq an al aieraqTaaleeq an al aieraq - Ghassan Potros01:49Download Taaleeq an al aieraq
2Bladi ya rabBladi ya rab - Ghassan Potros03:34Download Bladi ya rab
3NaabodakNaabodak - Ghassan Potros07:46Download Naabodak
4Mashi maakMashi maak - Ghassan Potros07:34Download Mashi maak
5Salibak mish hikayahSalibak mish hikayah - Ghassan Potros07:12Download Salibak mish hikayah
6Tasbeeh tasbeehTasbeeh tasbeeh - Ghassan Potros05:37Download Tasbeeh tasbeeh
7Taaleq an atfal al aieraqTaaleq an atfal al aieraq - Ghassan Potros02:03Download Taaleq an atfal al aieraq
8Abni aaieshAbni aaiesh - Ghassan Potros07:42Download Abni aaiesh
9Bitshof wtismaaBitshof wtismaa - Ghassan Potros06:27Download Bitshof wtismaa
10Mdallilnie wmbariknieMdallilnie wmbariknie - Ghassan Potros05:16Download Mdallilnie wmbariknie
11Taleeq 2 an al aeraqTaleeq 2 an al aeraq - Ghassan Potros01:12Download Taleeq 2 an al aeraq
12Salim ya watanaSalim ya watana - Ghassan Potros05:38Download Salim ya watana
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 Ghassan Potros - Bladi ya rab