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But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.
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The Lord Is My Banner Team - Worshiping Hymns

The Lord Is My Banner - Worshiping Hymns - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Almaseeh qam blhaqiqah qamAlmaseeh qam blhaqiqah qam - The Lord Is My Banner03:30
2Noaathim damakNoaathim damak - The Lord Is My Banner02:19
3Haliloya wadaat llbahr hadanHaliloya wadaat llbahr hadan - The Lord Is My Banner02:54
4Haliloia llilahHaliloia llilah - The Lord Is My Banner02:10
5Mazmor 150Mazmor 150 - The Lord Is My Banner01:44
6Waslit ashraq bmagdakWaslit ashraq bmagdak - The Lord Is My Banner10:54
7Yalli slam alnafs bqorbakYalli slam alnafs bqorbak - The Lord Is My Banner05:31
8Lola al namahLola al namah - The Lord Is My Banner04:34
9Amam arshakAmam arshak - The Lord Is My Banner04:19
10Bsaouti ila alrab asroukhBsaouti ila alrab asroukh - The Lord Is My Banner04:53
11Taal ya rab birohakTaal ya rab birohak - The Lord Is My Banner02:26
12Mostahiq kol almajdMostahiq kol almajd - The Lord Is My Banner04:11
13Almagd alghina wal kramahAlmagd alghina wal kramah - The Lord Is My Banner04:55
14Aohdek kol al majdAohdek kol al majd - The Lord Is My Banner08:11
15Bithiqah atqadamBithiqah atqadam - The Lord Is My Banner05:04
16Alslah alrbaniaAlslah alrbania - The Lord Is My Banner00:31
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