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Chosen Verse:
If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.
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Nizar Fares - Forsa

Nizar Fares - Forsa - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Allaho yoheboniAllaho yoheboni - Nizar Fares02:45
2Zaki Shtayn - talkZaki Shtayn - talk - Nizar Fares02:26
3Eldenyi killa khtotEldenyi killa khtot - Nizar Fares02:38
4Eggs Tree - talkEggs Tree - talk - Nizar Fares01:35
5DajajiDajaji - Nizar Fares02:50
6Elyom yomakElyom yomak - Nizar Fares01:46
7Eshara...nater men allahEshara...nater men allah - Nizar Fares02:04
8Super Hero - talkSuper Hero - talk - Nizar Fares03:19
9Taeo ya refaqiTaeo ya refaqi - Nizar Fares03:02
10Hayatak afdalHayatak afdal - Nizar Fares02:20
11Rijaio AtfalRijaio Atfal - Nizar Fares01:50
12Sana helwi - talkSana helwi - talk - Nizar Fares02:02
13Tosbah alakherTosbah alakher - Nizar Fares03:00
14Allaho yoheboni musicAllaho yoheboni music - Nizar Fares02:45
15Eldenyi kolla khtot musicEldenyi kolla khtot music - Nizar Fares02:37
16Dajaji - musicDajaji - music - Nizar Fares02:50
17Eshara - musicEshara - music - Nizar Fares02:04
18Elyom yomak musicElyom yomak music - Nizar Fares01:45
19Taeo ya refaqi musicTaeo ya refaqi music - Nizar Fares03:03
20Hayatak afdal musicHayatak afdal music - Nizar Fares02:20
21Rijaio Atfal musicRijaio Atfal music - Nizar Fares01:50
22musicmusic - Nizar Fares00:58
23Tosbah alakher musicTosbah alakher music - Nizar Fares03:00
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 Nizar Fares - Forsa