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Chosen Verse:
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
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Lydia Shedid - Sawt Mna Almshrq

Lydia Shedid - Sawt Mna Almshrq - statistics

Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1men yihale algorbamen yihale algorba - Lydia Shedid03:37
2athall yaom tonadineathall yaom tonadine - Lydia Shedid04:25
3yale amamkyale amamk - Lydia Shedid03:01
4ya rab mhma altjarbya rab mhma altjarb - Lydia Shedid04:50
5waqf tawl balkwaqf tawl balk - Lydia Shedid04:59
6la lm ara hobnla lm ara hobn - Lydia Shedid05:55
7maslob shofo ya bshrmaslob shofo ya bshr - Lydia Shedid03:59
8hl atrq babkhl atrq babk - Lydia Shedid03:51
9llmontha ahbbtnellmontha ahbbtne - Lydia Shedid03:24
10ila bier alsamraila bier alsamra - Lydia Shedid04:25
11fe alhzee alrbeefe alhzee alrbee - Lydia Shedid06:09
12ya knesa qomeya knesa qome - Lydia Shedid03:55
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 Lydia Shedid - Sawt Mna Almshrq