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So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
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Philip Wissa - Bkorb albak

Philip Wissa - Bkorb albak - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1LinasjodLinasjod - Philip Wissa04:13Download Linasjod
2Noalin anka majeedNoalin anka majeed - Philip Wissa05:04Download Noalin anka majeed
3Yasoua notwijakYasoua notwijak - Philip Wissa02:31Download Yasoua notwijak
4YasouaYasoua - Philip Wissa04:46Download Yasoua
5Aabidk rabi al qadeerAabidk rabi al qadeer - Philip Wissa03:21Download Aabidk rabi al qadeer
6Laisa mithlokaLaisa mithloka - Philip Wissa02:41Download Laisa mithloka
7Faowka kol qowa wrisaFaowka kol qowa wrisa - Philip Wissa06:56Download Faowka kol qowa wrisa
8AabodakAabodak - Philip Wissa05:07Download Aabodak
9Khodni bqorb qalbikaKhodni bqorb qalbika - Philip Wissa07:00Download Khodni bqorb qalbika
10Al rab sakhratiAl rab sakhrati - Philip Wissa05:31Download Al rab sakhrati
11Asmak dihin mohrsqAsmak dihin mohrsq - Philip Wissa01:33Download Asmak dihin mohrsq
12Hoboka atyab mn al khamirHoboka atyab mn al khamir - Philip Wissa05:51Download Hoboka atyab mn al khamir
13Asalni aati al aomamAsalni aati al aomam - Philip Wissa00:57Download Asalni aati al aomam
14Ya knisah la tafqidi al zmanYa knisah la tafqidi al zman - Philip Wissa06:20Download Ya knisah la tafqidi al zman
15Zman aftiqadakZman aftiqadak - Philip Wissa06:32Download Zman aftiqadak
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 Philip Wissa - Bkorb albak