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Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!
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Morocco Praises Team - almgrb yosabeh

Morocco Praises - almgrb yosabeh - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1saouhalilousaouhalilou - Morocco Praises03:00
2ganou maaayaganou maaaya - Morocco Praises04:42
3aalash insetneaalash insetne - Morocco Praises03:41
4aazef lakaazef lak - Morocco Praises02:08
5aatna hdh yasoeeaatna hdh yasoee - Morocco Praises05:39
6mnarte bosltemnarte boslte - Morocco Praises03:03
7ys nafse aigfreys nafse aigfre - Morocco Praises02:24
8mnyat qalbe aataitnemnyat qalbe aataitne - Morocco Praises04:20
9ya farht qalbeya farht qalbe - Morocco Praises04:10
10aate ilekaate ilek - Morocco Praises02:23
11aathema aajebaaathema aajeba - Morocco Praises02:13
12laisa mn hoblaisa mn hob - Morocco Praises04:16
13ntshfaa wanoslentshfaa wanosle - Morocco Praises05:16
14alinjel howa albsharaalinjel howa albshara - Morocco Praises05:16
15llrab dawmn trtahllrab dawmn trtah - Morocco Praises02:09
16saalt ynabeesaalt ynabee - Morocco Praises03:39
17aoukhte weakhoyaaoukhte weakhoya - Morocco Praises03:00
18rabe wailahe qonerabe wailahe qone - Morocco Praises02:52
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Team Morocco Praises - almgrb yosabeh