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Chosen Verse:
If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.
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Maged Adel - Ahd el Hob

Maged Adel - Ahd el Hob - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Nahwa ghina amjadekaNahwa ghina amjadeka - Maged Adel06:18Download Nahwa ghina amjadeka
2OmriOmri - Maged Adel05:13Download Omri
3Hat-haddaHat-hadda - Maged Adel04:52Download Hat-hadda
4Yemken akon - eadingYemken akon - eading - Maged Adel00:41Download Yemken akon - eading
5Yemken akonYemken akon - Maged Adel07:23Download Yemken akon
6Elle betmassek feek - readingElle betmassek feek - reading - Maged Adel00:25Download Elle betmassek feek - reading
7Men nasr lenasrMen nasr lenasr - Maged Adel04:35Download Men nasr lenasr
8Ana jay - readingAna jay - reading - Maged Adel00:43Download Ana jay - reading
9Ana jayAna jay - Maged Adel04:33Download Ana jay
10Ana aayez - readingAna aayez - reading - Maged Adel00:22Download Ana aayez - reading
11HadafakHadafak - Maged Adel05:17Download Hadafak
12Adno elaika sayediAdno elaika sayedi - Maged Adel04:48Download Adno elaika sayedi
13Hases bewjudakHases bewjudak - Maged Adel04:50Download Hases bewjudak
14Tool elrehlaTool elrehla - Maged Adel04:42Download Tool elrehla
15NahmadukaNahmaduka - Maged Adel03:45Download Nahmaduka
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 Maged Adel - Ahd el Hob