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The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.
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Ziad Shhadi - Khabeani habibi

Ziad Shhadi - Khabeani habibi - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Aomour allah ageebahAomour allah ageebah - Ziad Shhadi05:24
2Aliaowm oliqah ala khshabahAliaowm oliqah ala khshabah - Ziad Shhadi01:45
3Ya mn tokhbir maowt al saleebYa mn tokhbir maowt al saleeb - Ziad Shhadi02:50
4Khabeini habibiKhabeini habibi - Ziad Shhadi05:58
5Ma ahla al sjoud amakMa ahla al sjoud amak - Ziad Shhadi03:42
6Rabbi raai wslamiRabbi raai wslami - Ziad Shhadi04:23
7Saaeish al omorSaaeish al omor - Ziad Shhadi04:04
8Ani lrafia aynaiAni lrafia aynai - Ziad Shhadi04:49
9Atakil alayikAtakil alayik - Ziad Shhadi05:19
10Amkoth maai ea sayidiAmkoth maai ea sayidi - Ziad Shhadi04:53
11Yalli amamk haiatiYalli amamk haiati - Ziad Shhadi03:24
12Ea mn amart al bahirEa mn amart al bahir - Ziad Shhadi04:52
13KathabouKathabou - Ziad Shhadi04:17
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 Ziad Shhadi - Khabeani habibi