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The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures,he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.
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Eshak Karmy - Hayyo Yasoa elmalek

Eshak Karmy - Hayyo Yasoa elmalek - statistics

Number Hymn Name Statistics Time Download
1Yalla enhayye Yaso'aYalla enhayye Yaso'a - Eshak Karmy08:06Download Yalla enhayye Yaso'a
2Reading 1Reading 1 - Eshak Karmy02:40Download Reading 1
3Lama sha'eb elmaseehLama sha'eb elmaseeh - Eshak Karmy06:22Download Lama sha'eb elmaseeh
4Ma amjad esmakaMa amjad esmaka - Eshak Karmy04:49Download Ma amjad esmaka
5Reading 2Reading 2 - Eshak Karmy01:27Download Reading 2
6Ana ena'aAna ena'a - Eshak Karmy05:07Download Ana ena'a
7Qalbi taalak beekQalbi taalak beek - Eshak Karmy05:19Download Qalbi taalak beek
8Reading 3Reading 3 - Eshak Karmy02:35Download Reading 3
9Elahna azeemElahna azeem - Eshak Karmy04:34Download Elahna azeem
10Aqdar aaolo ya boyaAqdar aaolo ya boya - Eshak Karmy03:12Download Aqdar aaolo ya boya
11Reading 4Reading 4 - Eshak Karmy01:27Download Reading 4
12Lemaza nahno foqaraaLemaza nahno foqaraa - Eshak Karmy04:55Download Lemaza nahno foqaraa
13Ashwaq lelbarakaAshwaq lelbaraka - Eshak Karmy05:33Download Ashwaq lelbaraka
14Yalla enhayye - liveYalla enhayye - live - Eshak Karmy05:45Download Yalla enhayye - live
15Album CocktailAlbum Cocktail - Eshak Karmy04:48Download Album Cocktail
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 Eshak Karmy - Hayyo Yasoa elmalek