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You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near.
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Monita Youssef - Binorak Sheft

Monita Youssef - Binorak Sheft - statistics

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Number Hymn Name Statistics Time
1Binorak SheftBinorak Sheft - Monita Youssef03:00
2Hayati ma'naha feekHayati ma'naha feek - Monita Youssef04:22
3Bikol el matarehBikol el matareh - Monita Youssef03:42
4Ebn elensan jayeEbn elensan jaye - Monita Youssef03:03
5Wisnen tmorWisnen tmor - Monita Youssef02:54
6Lebnan beghanniLebnan beghanni - Monita Youssef03:24
7Qalbi majrohQalbi majroh - Monita Youssef03:10
8Heek el ayamHeek el ayam - Monita Youssef02:46
9Omrak hayatakOmrak hayatak - Monita Youssef02:48
10Lesh el khofLesh el khof - Monita Youssef03:47
11Abel ma salli w andahlakAbel ma salli w andahlak - Monita Youssef03:24
12BetshufakBetshufak - Monita Youssef03:07
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 Monita Youssef - Binorak Sheft